Call me crazy, but I've never met a boss who thought it was no big deal if you were late for work.  In fact, I once worked with someone who was late for work a couple of times due to traffic and she was in serious hot water with our boss when she arrived at work.  So this new study has me a bit baffled.

A new study by Mozy found that most American and European bosses don't mind if their employees are late.  Just how late?  Get this, up to 32 minutes late is no big, at least according to this study.  The reason for this relaxed attitude?  Most of the one thousand bosses surveyed thought their employees were working (checking email) long before they came to work, so it wasn't such a big deal if they showed up a few minutes late for work.  However, more than fifty percent of employees aren't buying this relaxed attitude and think their bosses would definitely be unhappy if they were late for work.  How about at your job?  Can you show up late and not get in trouble?

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