Is it possible for a car to be cursed? Or jinxed? Or REALLY unlucky? Asking for a friend.

Seriously, we bought my daughter her very first car: a very nice, used Honda Civic. She's had the car for a little over 8 months - and since March, she's had four 'accidents' with the car - all varied, not all her fault - but all just bad luck. I haven't had that many accidents IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. 

First, she rear-ended another vehicle in New Hartford. Fine. Second, the day AFTER we got it back from the repair shop from the first accident, she got hit right outside our house. Not her fault - but another trip back to the body shop (Hi, Nimey's and Sprague Collision - we love you!) And then, she had her keys stolen from her vehicle requiring the Civic to be flat-bedded BACK to the dealer (Hi again, Nimey's!) and then - she was at work - and the windshield got smashed by an errant softball (PS thanks for NOT leaving a note.)

WHO OWNED THIS CAR? Satan? Someone with bad karma accumulated by a lifetime of under-tipping and stealing staplers from the office? 

More importantly, can you exorcise a car? Sage? Holy water? The super deluxe bad juju scrub with underbody wash at the car wash? 


Have you ever had a car like this? One that just had bad luck all the time? My dad had three cars totaled while parked at the curb - so maybe it's genetic. I don't know.

What do you think we should do? 

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