The land of the free and the home of the brave, that's what we're told as we live in the great US of A. But when it comes to being truly free, does New York fall high on the totem pole?

A website called actually came up with a formula to figure out just how "free" a state is. The ranking is based on a few different things, but the three main categories are:  personal freedom, fiscal policy, and regulatory policy.

Unfortunately, New York is the absolute worst state for freedom. Yes, we rank at #50.

New York has been the least free state in the country for a long time. In fact, the Empire State has been the worst state for freedom in every year since our data set began in 2000. Economic freedom is the most significant weakness, but the state has not kept up with the rest of the country on personal freedom either. It belies the “blue” state stereotype in that it is No. 50 on economic freedom and personal freedom.

The website then goes on to explain the reasons why New York falls in the position it does. They elaborate on some policy changes that they believe would make the state rank higher on their scale:

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  • Fiscal: Cut spending on hospitals, highways, housing, public buildings, public welfare, education, corrections, fire, sanitation and sewerage, employee retirement, and “miscellaneous,” which are all above national averages. Cut all taxes and pay down debt.
  • Regulatory: Abolish the housing anchor that is rent control.
  • Personal: Slash cigarette taxes, which are so high as to be almost tantamount to prohibition.

Do you agree with the ranking and the recommendations for policy change? Let us know inside our station app.

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