Most people would assume that the department store, Peebles, in Oneida is closing based on the below photo. Signs are posted all around the outside of the store. It's been a topic of discussion all over social media.

However, the store isn't actually closing - they are just converting to a sister brand!

According to a store employee, the name Peebles is going goodbye at the end of February. Although a specific day hasn't been specified yet, they will be closed for a few days so they can rebrand the store as Gordmans.

If you've been in the store (Peebles) lately, you've seen that we've expanded our home goods department. That's a big part of Gordmans. We want our customers to know we're not really going anywhere. Gordmans will have a lot of the same products as Peebles. It's just getting better. Think of it like a T.J Maxx or a Marshalls.

Gordmans is a brand of Stage Stores Corporation, which owns both department stores, along with a few others.

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