Take a guided after dark ghost tour through the amusement park!

The CasperCops guide visitors on a walk and tell legends of the spirits who may roam the amusement park. There's a walk happening tonight (July 14, 2017) from 9:30-11:30pm.

The park website recalls a poltergeist event that occurred on one of the tours, "I observed a dark in color object fall from the air hockey table. It appeared to be a container full of coins but when it hit the floor I only heard what sounded like one coin. By the time that I had moved to the air hockey table with my video camera, no container or coins were found."

Other participants have witnessed coins flying through the air or making noises on the floor. It's said that the previous owner of the park, Bill, was very particular with his money and did not allow other employees to handle it. Bill comes by every so often when he needs to fill up his coin bag.

Other dates available for the ghost walk include Saturday, July 15, Thursday, July 20, Friday, July 21 & Friday, July 28.
Do you believe it's Bill roaming the arcade he grew up in?


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