Is it even possible to get your car to roll at just 5 miles per hour? That's the speed through most EZ-Pass toll lanes on the New York State Thruway. One website named the toll lane's 5 MPH speed as one of the most ridiculously low speed limits in America.

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Maybe back in the days of extremely limited technology was it necessary for drivers to go through these toll plaza lanes at 5 MPH, but still now in 2015? I say down with the 5 MPH toll lanes!

And it's a valid point. Some EZ-Pass lanes across New York are signed at 20 MPH while the open tolling lanes (no stopping just pass under the transponder readers) in downstate New York and along the Pennsylvania Turnpike are signed at 55 MPH, so clearly the technology is able to read the tags of vehicles running at a high rate of speed.

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The Central New York Road That Has Too High of a Speed Limit

Google Maps Street View

This might surprise you that there's a road in our area that might have too high of a speed limit. Perhaps it's Mohawk Street leaving the village of Whitesboro and heading over the Mohawk River and Barge Canal towards River Road in Marcy. That stretch is marked at 55 MPH, and it's an abrupt jump from Whitesboro's 25 MPH to the state's 55 MPH over the railroad tracks on the north end of the village. Driving that road feels like it should be about 45 MPH. The road travels a short distance to the stop light on River Road and the interchange with Route 49, that it's difficult to accelerate up to 55. Add in the heavy truck traffic entering and leaving the roadway and the occasional flooding and that 55 MPH speed limit seems a bit too lenient.

How to Read a New York State Little Green Sign

Ever wonder what those little green signs posted along each 1/10 mile of every highway in New York are all about?