As part of a modernization in the tolling of the New York State Thruway, the agency that oversees the highway is set to remove toll booth from the system south of Herriman.

That doesn't mean the tolls are going away. Rather, payment will either be made by E-ZPass or by a camera taking a photo of the car's licence plate and mailing a bill to the owner.

The plan is to remove toll booths at Herriman (Exit 17 - the current southern end of the closed ticketing system) as well as a toll booth in Yonkers and booths at the Tappen Zee Bridge.

There is no indication of changes to the upstate ticketing system from Exit 17 to Exit 61 at Ripley and the Pennsylvania border.

Toll booths were removed from Interstate 190, the Niagara Extension (pictured above) of the New York State Thruway in Buffalo, in 1996 save for the Grand Island Bridge tolls.

[h/t Times Herald Record, WPDH]

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