Beth and I both enjoy sushi, hiking and golf, and we dislike cilantro and flying. But we also have differences of opinion in quite a few areas.

For instance: Movies (she prefers documentaries), Sports (she likes the Giants and I like the Rams), and Politics (she's on the left and I'm in the middle), to name a few. Plus, apparently we're at odds over the folding of towels.

She likes the bathroom towels to be presented in a certain fashion. And she didn't care for the folding method I brought into the marriage, which admittedly was very...unspecific. You might call it Northeastern Haphazard. Kinda like a soup of the day.

So, she taught me how to adopt her style. We'll call it Brooklyn Refined. Eager to please, I studied her tutorial. Towel-torial? Tu-towel-ial? Then, I gave it my best. Well, it seems I've failed--or at least failed to hit the mark.

That brings us to The Great Towel Fold-Off, or GTFO, which sounds like it could be an acronym for a profanityWe each had a towel and we enlisted a couple of co-workers to film our domestic skills.

Here's the brief video we shot in front of Kaylin Broadwell and Dave Wheeler, right outside Sales Manager Tracy Picente's office (and remember, those of us in the broadcasting industry have been considered "essential workers," doing crucial work during the pandemic):

To recap the action in The GTFO, my folding attempt didn't quite cut the mustard, so Beth RE-FOLDED my towel. Here's a comparison:

Credit: Kaylin Broadwell/TSM

My folding job is on the top, while Beth's is on the bottom. The big question: Whose is better?

  • Beth's
  • Dave's
  • Who doesn't matter

Make your vote count this year. Comments and votes are welcome right here.

By the way, below is a snapshot of the towel rack in our bathroom. Some of the towels in it were folded by her and some by me, which nobody except us really sees.

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM

I know one thing for sure, I'm probably not as good a towel folder as Beth, and I'm definitely not as good as the guy on our Disney cruise a few years ago:

Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM
Credit: Dave Coombs/TSM
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