We've had lots of discussions about the positioning of the roll of toilet paper, the correct way to place comforters, make beds, hear specific sounds, but the latest conundrum may top them all.

Which way does the tin foil go? The whole thing started when a British chef proclaimed there's a RIGHT and WRONG way. All sorts of websites, from Woman's Day to Huffington Post to Chowhound to Culinary Lore have clocked in on this topic. We thought we'd settle it once and for all. First, we threw it out there on the Lite 98.7 morning show. Then, we asked Facebook, and Friends there were chiming in with opinions on both...um...SIDES of the argument.

Marie said: "If you want more heat use the shiny side up."

Julie: "I put shiny side out. Somehow I think I'm wrong."

Kristin: "Shiny down."

Margot: "Shiny side down."

For the record, Beth said shiny side up. I said shiny side down, maybe because it would be easier to write and/or tape labels on that matted finish.

We needed a local expert, so we got in touch with Tim Hardiman, executive chef and owner of both Tailor & the Cook and Utica Bread. He did agree about the writing or labeling aspect, and he added that he thinks it's tougher for acidic foods like marinara to eat into the shiny side.

No lesser an authority than Good Housekeeping agreed with Tim. What do YOU think?

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