People are absolutely nuts. Like this woman, for example. She's just sitting there - shaving her legs in a public pool.

There's no interpretation about what she's doing: she's clearly sitting at the edge of the pool, shaving her legs, rinsing the razor IN THE POOL while other adults and kids just swim around her. 

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I would have said SOMETHING if I had been there - and especially if my kids were among those swimming in the pool.

Listen, we've all had those days where we don't get a chance to shave our legs before running down to the pool - but isn't it less disgusting to have slightly stubbly legs than to shave them in the pool? I guess we can be grateful she wasn't concerned about her armpits or bikini line. Did she start flossing after the video?

Is this the grossest thing you've ever seen anyone do in public? 



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