Most of us afflicted with allergies are struck by them in the Spring and Fall, but there is one allergy that is at it's peak in the Winter time.

Cold urticaria is a disorder that causes hives when the skin becomes too cold. It essentially means that you are actually allergic to the cold. Living in Central New York, the cold is a part of our everyday life, especially this time of the year.

So what does it mean for those with cold urticaria? Itchy and swollen hands, feet, and other exposed areas when they get too cold. Sitting in your car while it warms up isn't an option, and remote starters are almost essential! Even simple things that you might take for granted, such as walking outside in this weather become a challenge, trying to prevent a breakout in hives. Most people with it have to have an epipen with them at all times.

Now you might be thinking that this is only something that has to be dealt with when it is cold outside. That isn't true at all. The Summer time can sometimes become dangerous than when you're ready for it. If you jump into a pool and your body cools off too quickly, you can have a break out then. Windy days in the Fall become a real threat as well with the wind cooling you off too much.

While you might enjoy things like snowboarding, tubing, or skiing this time of the year. there are some that don't have the option to do anything like that. This author's sister is afflicted with cold urticaria and it affects her every day lifestyle. Try not to take all the fun you'll have in these next few winter months for granted!

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