On any given Valentine’s Day, it seems like the whole world conspires to make single women miserable — but you don’t have to let it happen. Ignore the highly-commercialized holiday with one of these activities, instead.

Enjoy a night with friends

Recruit single pals, sure, but don’t forget about people whose partners work nights or are in the military, and even couples who ignore Valentine’s Day altogether. Have a poker night, go bowling, host a dinner party — anything where you can catch up and enjoy each other’s company.



The endorphins released from working out are proven mood-lifters. Feeling angry? Try a kick-boxing session to burn off that hostility, go the opposite direction with a relaxing yoga class, or just take a run.


Pamper yourself

Book a manicure, pedicure, massage or spa treatment, or save the money and take a long bath at home with your favorite scented oil, candles, and soothing music.



There’s nothing that will lift your spirits more — and possibly give you a nice reality-check — than helping someone in need.


Be productive

Maybe your resume needs an overhaul, your kitchen cabinets need reorganizing, or your iTunes catalog is a mess. Whatever you’ve been putting off, take the evening and get it done.


Babysit a friend’s kids

Know a single mom who could use a break or a nice couple who needs a night out to reconnect? Offer to babysit. Not only will you earn some good karma, you’ll get to act like a kid for a few hours.


Keep perspective

Don’t let yourself get sucked into a self-pity vortex. It’s just one day, and it exists only to give retailers a necessary boost between Christmas and Easter. As any (honest) attached woman will tell you, being coupled on February 14th won’t make you any happier than being single. Bottom line? It’s all in how you choose to look at it.


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