If you're hooking up with someone who isn't your significant other, we can all agree THAT'S cheating - but what about messaging? Is that cheating?

Consider this scenario: Mary and John are married when Mary gets a message from an old friend. The messages are fun and flirty, and while Mary wouldn't dream of cheating on John, she still doesn't let him know about the messages, and actually goes to some lengths to hide them from her husband. Is this cheating?

According to some psychologists, YES. It's something called micro-cheating.

Psychologist Martin Graff tells The Daily Mail micro-cheating is "online behavior that falls into a grey area between friendliness and infidelity."

Graff says the advent of social media has opened a whole new world of opportunity for actual cheating, as well as a host of potential situations where it's not quite as clear.

Is it cheating when:

  • your husband leaves a message on another woman's social media account?
  • your girlfriend tags an ex in a photograph that references an inside joke?
  • your significant other hides any kind of interaction with a potential partner?

It's all a big grey area, but Graff says the key is communication.

What do you think? Would you consider the original scenario cheating?

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