A local family business is sharing their love of everything Utica in a new video.

'It's a Utica Thing' was established by Charlie Digristina to share recipes that "reach back from my grandmothers to my mother." His love for Utica food expanded from pizzerias, to a food truck, to commercially available sauces, including Vodka Sauce and Riggie Sauce.

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As a salute to the city that his given him so much, Charlie created and shared a video, highlighting not just Utica's food, but the things that we love the most about the city. "I am so proud of my hometown and thankful for all that it has given to me and my family. This short film best captures the heartbeat of the place we call home," Charlie says in a Facebook post.

Credit: It's A Utica Thing/YouTube
Credit: It's A Utica Thing/YouTube

What's your favorite part of Utica?

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