There are Air BnB rules that you should know if you are booking or canceling a reservation.

Air BnB sent out an email letting people know that you can get refunded if this happens. It is important to note that this new policy will start June 6, 2024. You will be covered and get a refund if:

    • Foreseeable weather events at the reservation’s location are explicitly eligible for coverage if they result in another covered event, such as a government travel restriction or large-scale utility outage.
    • The policy will only apply to events in the place where the reservation is located. Events that impact a guest’s ability to travel to the reservation are no longer covered.

You will be covered regardless of when you booked your stay.

For example: You live in New York State. If you are booking an AirBnB in Florida and they are having a hurricane, that is grounds for a refund.

If you live in New York State and there is a blizzard in New York so you cannot drive to Florida where it is nice and sunny, you are not liable for a refund.

The natural weather disaster has to be where the AirBnB is booked.

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