The spring is just about here in New York State and the weather is going back and forth between cold and windy, to sunny and warm. While we enjoy the warmer weather, animals are also on the move.

We are blessed to have some amazing natural resources in our own backyard and some natural wonders. From Niagara Falls to the Adirondack Mountains, the landscape of New York is spectacular. Most people think of New York as a loud and busy place and in the city, that is true. However, New York State is so much more than that.

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This video that was posted on the Department of Environmental Conservation Facebook page shows a big moose wandering and snacking.

Here in New York State, there is NOT a hunting season for moose.

In fact, according to The Meat Eater:

In New York, moose are a protected species with no established hunting season. When encountering moose in the wild, use caution and common sense.

As for the bears, there have been multiple reports of black bears on the prowl across New York State.

In a recent post on the "Be Neighborly Springville Area" Facebook page, it was reported that a bear was searching for something to eat in the West Valley area.

Art Leavens Facebook

Multiple people in the surrounding areas commented with similar photos and videos and it is another reminder to be careful with your trash and bird feeders, and to eliminate the things that attract bears to your neighborhood. As we change the clocks this weekend, you may be spending more time outside? Just be aware that wildlife is busy.

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