iPhones, we carry them around with us everyday and we barely know how to use them. That is, until now.

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Thanks to ex-Apple employee and TikTok creator @hitomidocameraroll, we now know a little bit more about these smart devices. Even with these tips, we're probably still only scratching the surface of our phones functionality potential. But, that's okay. We've got to start somewhere and these tips are super helpful for everyday use.

In fact, some of these "hacks" are so useful that you'll really wish you would've known about them sooner. Let's dive in!

How to use iPhone's Back Tap, Easy Search, and Siri to Hang Up

Did you know that the logo on the back of your phone is actually a secret button? You can use it to do things like take a screen shot or turn your flashlight on. Pretty sweet! As you'll see in the video, you can also quickly search something on your phone using a shortcut and have Siri hang up your phone calls.

How to get extra life out of your iPhone battery

Overcharging your battery can take life off of it. Do this and get a battery that lasts.

How to use iPhone video zoom, one-handed keyboard, and voice-over during screen recording

These little tricks will make you feel like a pro.

Want to level up your phone photo skills? We've got some tips that'll make you a pro. ⬇️

Phone Pics That Pop: Simple Secrets to Get Stunning Shots

Five Hidden Features From the iOS 17 iPhone Update

Just when you thought they thought of it all.

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