A woman on Reddit revealed her meddling family set her up on a blind date, despite her having no interest in romantic relationships.

The woman has "never been interested in romantic relationships," and simply likes being on her own. However, her family thinks her affinity for being single is bizarre.

"I have friends and a dog and that’s honestly enough, I’m happy with my life. My family thinks this is weird beyond belief and the pressure has ramped up now that even my younger brother has gotten married and I’m the only one left 'on the shelf. My older sister’s husband has been offering to set me up for years because I’m 'too hot' to stay single, whatever that means. I’ve always tried to refuse politely, but it’s wearing thin," she wrote in her post on the forum.

During a recent family visit, her sister invited her out to dinner at an "upscale" restaurant. The woman thought she was going to dinner with just her sister and brother-in-law, so she was surprised to see another man in the car when they picked her up.

"He said he was [brother-in-law's] friend Joe. Awkward, but not too unusual," she shared.

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When they got to the restaurant, however, Joe kept trying to make conversation" with her, as her sister egged it on.

"I finally joke, 'Am I on a date or something, what’s with all the questions?' and my sister straight up says, 'Yes, we thought you just needed a little push, so we decided to set you two up,'" the woman revealed, adding that even Joe knew he was on a blind date.

"So I was the only one that didn’t know it was a date. I was pretty mad, but didn’t want to cause a scene in the restaurant, so I finished dinner and gave really short responses to questions ('So you’re in a PhD program?' 'Yes.' 'What’s that like?' 'Busy.') and the evening just stayed really uncomfortable and awkward," she recalled.

When they left the restaurant, Joe apologized. The woman told him she wasn't "interested in dating anyone" and that "it wasn't his fault but he probably shouldn’t let [brother-in-law] set him up again."

Now, the woman's sister is angry because she "was rude and embarrassed them when they were just trying to help me out of my shell."

Users in the comments rallied behind the woman, blasting her family for meddling in her love life.

"What is with people thinking single women need to be in a relationship? I had a co-worker's husband say that I need a husband. Why? I'm quite happy with life. I've dated and all have ended badly. Not interested," one person wrote.

"This may be a shocker to your relatives but dating is supposed to be a consensual activity," another commented.

"The rude people in this situation are your sister and [brother-in-law]. 'Surprise blind date' isn't a thing ... it's an ambush," someone else weighed in.

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