Do you know these people? New York State Police need your help identifying them.

NYSP Troopers work on cases all over the state, every single day. But sometimes they need help from the public to keep their investigation going. Through the power of social media they can make that happen.

With that being said... have you seen either of these people?

Credit - New York State Police
Credit - New York State Police

Debit Card Debacle

The New York State Police are trying to identify two suspects from an incident in Plattsburgh, NY.

Authorities say both subjects could allegedly be involved in the theft of a debit card from a Home Goods Store. They say the larceny happened at around 4:53pm on 08/08/2023. Instead of doing the right thing, the card was taken from the store and not returned to the proper owner.

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The two suspects then continued to use the stolen debit card at Walmart in Consumer Square on the same day, repeating the crime the day after as well. Anyone who witnessed the crime or has any information regarding the identity of the pictured subjects is asked to please contact SP Plattsburgh 518-563-3761.

This isn't the first time NYSP have gone to Facebook for help solving a case.

Credit - New York State Police
Credit - New York State Police

Central New York Suspects

The NYSP Bureau of Criminal Investigation at Ithaca is asking for your help in identifying two suspects.

According to officers, these two individuals stole over $104,000 from multiple people last month in Central New York. They took massive withdrawals from Virtual Teller Machines (VTM) in a half dozen locations within Tompkins, Cortland and Onondaga Counties.

Unfortunately, the NYSP hasn't been able to identify either subject since the crimes took place.

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Credit - New York State Police
Credit - New York State Police

Do You Know Them?

If you have any information on either suspect, please let the right people know immediately.

You're asked to contact New York State Police at (607) 561-7400, hopefully helping bring an answer to this unsolved mystery. All information will be kept confidential, but extremely useful for the investigation.

This isn't wouldn't be the first time NYSP were able to catch a criminal thanks to the power of their Facebook.

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