Buyer beware! One popular Christmas gift could go up in flames.

Jan Mercer-Palmer is sharing a warning about a gift she gave her grandson for Christmas this year.

Hover Ballz was a popular gift under a lot of Christmas trees this holiday season. The child's toy is a motorized ball that lights up and when you throw it into the air it flies back to you. The problem is, the balls are overheating and catching on fire.

Palmer's family came home from a gathering during the holidays and smelled smoke. After investigating where the smell was coming from they found the ball Palmer's grandson received for Christmas. The motor has burnt out.

Luckily it didn't catch anything else on fire and burn the house down.

Credit - Jan Mercer-Palmer via Facebook
Credit - Jan Mercer-Palmer via Facebook

Palmer's family aren't the only ones who had a burning ball. Cheyenne Johnson said she saw three posts on social media all in one day about the Hover Ballz burning.

The website that was selling the popular Christmas toy is and it is no longer available.

If you happened to get a Hover Ballz or a flying orb from any other company under your Christmas tree, you may want to throw it out just to be on the safe side. The kids may not like it but an upset child is better than burning the house down.

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