Mother Nature delivered a chilling blow to not one, but two popular apple orchards in Central New York, canceling this year's picking seasons.

A late-season frost hit farmers across the Northeast in May. It hit Critz Farms in Cazenovia particularly hard.

It really did a number on our apple orchard and the unexpected cold temperatures during a critical growth stage had a big impact on crops.

Credit - Critz Farms
Credit - Critz Farms

No Apple Picking

The rare frost resulted in the cancelation of apple picking on the farm this year, and they aren't alone.

New York is known for its apples and its picking season in the fall. Critz isn't the only farm feeling the effects of the late frost.

It’s been a tough year for orchards all around. In fact, our state’s Agriculture Commissioner announced that many counties have been designated as disaster areas due to the frost.

No Apples at North Star

North Star Orchards in Westmoreland has also been forced to cancel U-pick apples this year too.

The orchards at Critz Farms and North Star Orchards be closed for the season but don’t worry, there will still be fresh local apples available at both farms.

Credit - Critz Farms
Credit - Critz Farms

Staying Positive

Even though there is no apple picking this fall at Critz Farms, the owners are remaining positive.

We know that farming comes with its ups and downs, and this is just one of those years. We’re confident that with our orchard’s resilience and our commitment to quality, we’ll be back next year, ready for you to pick apples once more.

Everyone is being encouraged to support other U-pick farms that were less affected by the frost and could use community support. And you still get to enjoy that cherished apple-picking tradition.

small girl with sack of apples
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Fall Harvest

The Fall Harvest Celebration at Critz Farms is still happening as planned. It'll be held from September 16 through October 22.

It’s going to be a blast with our famous corn maze, pumpkin picking, cider pressing, animals, wagon rides, live music, special events, and more.

Credit - Critz Farms/Facebook

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