Horses, donkeys, and cows oh my! All were seen walking along a busy Central New York road.

It looks like Old McDonald may have lost his entire farm.

Loose Herd in Frankfort

Steve Scott drove by the herd of loose animals trotting along the side of 5S in Frankfort on Wednesday, May 8 around 7:30 PM. "What the hell is going on here?" Scott asked as he traveled westbound from Ilion to Utica.

"I have no clue where they came from or who even knew about it."

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A tow truck pulled over to the side and put the lights on hoping to keep the animals off the road, something Steve hoped too. "Please don't cross the road," he said to himself as he slowly drove by the line of animals on the loose.

There's no word on where all the animals came from or if they've returned safely home.

Loose in CNY

Seeing a loose animal or two is nothing new in Central New York. There's been goatsalligatorsmoosellamas and horses roaming on their own.

The bull that ran around New Hartford for 4 months was the most famous loose animal, making national headlines.

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But it was the kangaroo that escaped from a fair near Ithaca, New York that was the most interesting.

Andy Lederman came face to face with it. "It stared right at me. I thought it wanted to fight. I wasn't about to get out my car. But it wouldn't stop looking at me."

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Andy knew if he didn't take a picture, no one would've believe him. That face says it all...."What are you lookin at!"

Credit - Andy Lederman
Credit - Andy Lederman

Moose on Loose Strolls New York Beach

A moose was captured wandering Port Henry beach before heading back home to the forest where she belonged. An employee preparing to open the gates captured the majestic animal early one morning.

Gallery Credit: Credit - Polly McAdams