Everyone who lives in New York or has visited New York with half a brain knows that the best pizza ever is created right here. The only serious debate is whether or not the best pie is crafted in New York City or right here in Central New York. We all know that answer! One Congresswoman in Connecticut is challenging the claim and has made the gutsy decision to declare New Haven the "Pizza Capital of the United States."

Now, clearly this Congresswoman is misguided. While New York is the best, there are other areas that have better pizza surely than New Haven, Connecticut. Chicago and Detroit may make a great case for 2nd and 3rd place. Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of the 3rd District of Connecticut made the "Pizza Capital of the World" declaration into the Congressional record. According to the New Haven Independent,

High spirits and the dank smell of beer filled the plane as Taste of New Haven tour guide Colin Caplan spoke to a delegation of New Haven pizza-makers bound for Washington, D.C. to witness U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro enter a statement into the Congressional record declaring New Haven the ​Pizza Capital of the United States.”

Nobody challenged the Congresswoman on the claim and while the reason may have been noble, honoring a longtime New Haven business, I feel there are a few local pizzeria's that may take issue with the claim.

Frank Cristiano is the owner of Tony's Pizza in Washington Mills and he  went easy on the Congresswoman saying,

Pizza is Pizza. What you grew up on in your area is what you like. There are tons of different styles and tastes. That's what makes pizza great. NOW GIVE ME MY THEME MUSIC!"

We have so many amazing local pizza places here that can be considered the best in the world, in this commentator's humble opinion, let alone New York State. I think this Congresswoman may need to come here and at least try what we have to offer.

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