Despite what's been said about New York's education system, a new report found the state has some of the strongest schools in America.

A new report from Teach Simple determined the states with the best and worst schools, and ultimately had some pretty nice things to say about New York.

While the Empire State didn't secure the #1 spot (that honor went to Massachusetts), the state still managed to make the top 5.

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The survey pulled data from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Nation's Report Card to determine a state's educational worthiness. Determining factors included bullying rates, academic performance, and pupil-to-teacher ratio.

In the end, the Northeast dominated this list. Massachusetts claimed the #1 spot while second and third place respectively went to New Jersey and Connecticut. New York's school system ranked fourth best overall.

Maryland rounded out the top 5.

Meanwhile, Arizona came at the bottom of the list and was found to have the worst school system of all.

What Made NY's Schools So Great?

Credit: Wavebreakmedia/ThinkStock
Credit: Wavebreakmedia/ThinkStock

School systems were ranked on a scale of 100 points and New York was awarded a total of 62.31 points. The state actual scored a perfect 10 in two categories.

New York had the highest number of books in public libraries, with the study finding there are approximately 64,494 books in rotation.

The Empire State also earned a 10 in having the best teacher salaries, with the average pay for public school teachers coming to roughly $92,222.

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So, what can New York work on? According to the report, NY's bullying rates was higher while math scores were lower than other states. First place Massachusetts had the highest score in Grade 8 mathematics, as well as highest average ACT scores.

New Jersey bested us for achieving the highest marks in Grade 8 reading and writing while Connecticut shined for having the best pupil-to-teacher ratio.

Teach Simple didn't let it slide that the East Coast dominated its ranking, as 70% of the schools all in the top 10 hailed from the region.

The only non-East Coast states to secure a spot in the top 10 was Iowa in sixth place, Pennsylvania in ninth, and Wisconsin in 10th place.

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Here's the full list:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New Jersey
  3. Connecticut
  4. New York
  5. Maryland
  6. Iowa
  7. Maine
  8. Virginia
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Wisconsin

Said Teach Simple, "It will be interesting to monitor whether factors like bullying rate and dropout rate will decrease in the future in other regions of America, or whether the East Coast will continue to dominate."

Do you think NY's schools are all that and a bag of chips? Sound off using the station app's chat feature below.

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