More violence broke out in the City of Utica over the weekend, more specifically on Super Bowl Sunday.

Utica Police say units were called to a residence on Cottage Place for reports of a gunshot wound victim. The individual, according to police, was struck in the neck with gunfire. Once they arrived police located the 21-year-old male victim, who was bleeding and suffering from that gunshot wound.

Police say he was immediately transported to Wynn Hospital by the Utica Fire Department. Currently, officials say the victim's condition has stabilized and he's still at Wynn Hospital. Updates on his condition will be released when available.

As Utica Police began their investigation, they quickly learned that the victim was shot at a different location and it was learned that he drove himself to the location on Cottage before 911 was called. Where the incident took place is still unknown.

Police officials say they are still canvasing and investigating to try and determine a crime scene. Anyone with information is being urged to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 315-223-3556. One of the most difficult aspects to this case is police being able to determine where this shooting took place because of the historic difficulty police have getting cooperation from people who live in the area.

One possible option always available to witnesses to crimes or those who are in fear of retribution is Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers. You can anonymously give a tip and any information leading to an arrest could lead to a cash reward. Either way, if you have any information that could be helpful to police please help. This violence needs to end.

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