Hidden in the small village of Nyack, New York, right on the banks of the Hudson River, sits a house that possesses something truly extraordinary - it has been legally declared haunted by New York State.

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This chilling house is filled with rich history and paranormal activity, which means it has captured the attention of ghost enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

The house was built in 1890, and in the early 1900s, it served as both a boarding house and a family residence. However, it wasn't until the 1960s when Helen Ackley and her family moved in that the haunting stories began in earnest.

Neighbors revealed the haunted nature of the house to the unsuspecting Ackley family not long after they moved in. As time passed, Helen shared accounts of inexpiable events, including violent bed shaking that would wake the residents up in the morning. It was as though the spirits wanted to make their presence known,

One night Helen asked the spirits not to wake everyone, as there was no school. Surprisingly, the family woke up the next day, and not once during the night had their sleep been disturbed.

Over the next three decades, Helen shared her haunting experiences with the local community and even published an article in Reader's Digest titled "Our Haunted House On The Hudson."  She described encounters with a rocking spirit in the living room, who Helem believes the ghost was approving of the modifications made by the Ackley family.

When the time came to sell the house, the Ackley family chose not to disclose its haunted history. However, a couple who put a down payment on the house discovered its association with a local ghost tour and backed out of the deal.

This led to the landmark court case known as the Ghostbusters ruling, where the judge determined that the sellers were not liable for failing to disclose the haunting. Quoting the famous movie, the judge asked, "Who ya gonna call when you discover that your house is filled with paranormal activity?"

Please keep in mind that this house is someone's home. The property is privately owned, and under no circumstance should it be ventured onto out of respect and privacy of the owner.

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