From a galaxy far, far away to your own home. Get your hands on some of that famous blue milk!

Blue Milk. Want some of it but can't get yourself to Galaxy's Edge at one of Disney Parks? Well it looks like the time has finally come where fans will be able to drink some, and as much as they can chug.

The blue milk that Luke Skywalker was seen drinking in 1977's "A New Hope", the first Star Wars film. It wasn't until 2017 and the "The Last Jedi" where I guess we all learned where exactly Uncle Owen got that milk from and boy, do we wish we could just forget that moment.

Just in time for Star Wars Day on May Fourth, TruMoo has revealed that they're putting out their own version of Blue Milk for everyone to have.

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If you've had the very unique blue milk at the Disney parks this one will taste a little bit different. Having consumed some at Disneyland it was very odd to say the least, but also delicious? I think it's a texture thing because it was like a slushie but also not at all. It's hard to describe space milk , people.

The TruMoo one will be a vanilla flavored milk and the color will be blue. I think that will be a bit of an easier sell to the general public.

So kick back and relax with the weirdest milk you'll ever have. It is expected to hit shelves around Mid-April. Just use the force and you'll be able to find some for yourself.

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