Congratulations to an Upstate New York family who got all dressed up and headed down to New York City to compete in a National Halloween costume contest!

The Messia Family from Albany, New York brought The Big Top to Good Morning America and entered into the show's costume contest. They came complete with dad, Dan, as the man getting shot out of a cannon, their daughter was an acrobat, one son was a weightlifter with a handlebar mustache, the other son was an animal tamer, mom, Brittney was dressed as The Ringmaster pushing a stroller which was disguised as a fortune teller booth complete with their baby dressed up as the fortune teller.

Take a look at their amazing costumes!

The Messia Family won the Good Morning America Halloween Costume contest and took home five thousand dollars. Congrats and Happy Halloween.

BOO Wow Wow! Capital Region Pets in Adorable Halloween Costumes!

It's that time of year and why should humans have all the fun? These Capital Region pets are all dressed up for Halloween. If you are still wondering how to dress up your furry friend, this may give you some inspiration.

Gallery Credit: Facebook posts


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