A new report is very puzzling. It determined that the "best" small hometown in America, which is found in Upstate New York, is actually the loneliest place in the Empire State.

Over 37 million Americans live alone and most one-person households nationwide are younger than 65, reports say.

24/7 Wall Street used Census Bureau data to determine "The Loneliest City in Every State." The website ranked 384 metro areas by looking up the percentage of "nonfamily households living alone out of all households."

Elmira, New York Is New York State's Loneliest Hometown.

According to the report, Elmira, New York is the loneliest in the Empire State. The report determined Elmira is home to:

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More About Elmira, New York In Chemung County

Elmira is located in Chemung County, New York. About 26,500 people live in what's been named New York's loneliest hometown, down from over 29,000 residents in 2010.

Despite the area potentially being lonely, Elmira recently received some very high praise!

Elmira Named Best Small Town In America


All-Star Home recently analyzed countless small cities and towns to rank "The Best Hometowns In America."

In the list of the best small cities and towns to live in, Elmira, New York ranked first! Elmira finished first thanks to its safety ranking, home values and student-to-teacher ratio.

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Elmira One Of The Trashiest Places To Live Or Visit

Shane Valcich/DEC/prospective56
Shane Valcich/DEC/prospective56

On the other hand, Elmira might be "trashy."

RoadSnacks released its 2024 list of "The 10 Trashiest Cities In New York." Elmira ranked in the top 10.

See where Elmira ranked and the complete list below:

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See The 10 Trashiest Cities In New York State [RANKED]

Here we go again...it's another list picking on some great New York cities and towns. Let's face it, if you approach something looking for trash - you will find what you are looking for in any city or town in any state. And while the municipalities on this list have their scars like any other city or town, those who live in and around them know there is plenty to love about all ten. While we in no way endorse this list, we still need to see which 10 New York Cities Roadsnacks says arethe state'sTrashiest based on crime data, drug use, the prevalence of dollar stores, welfare rates, and more.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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