We put our trust in companies every day but from time to time these companies let us down, some more often than others. Curious what companies topped the list and why? Read on and see if you agree...


Many of the most hated companies have millions of customers and tens of thousands of workers. With this kind of reach, keeping employees happy is crucial to more than just good office morale. Poor job satisfaction regularly results in low customer satisfaction."

Ways that companies can land themselves on our badside include increasing or adding fees for their services, laying off tons of workers and launching a product or idea that fails. Here are the companies that 24/7 Wall St. has compiled as the Top 10 most hated companies from worst to less worse that exist in America right now and a reason why.


1) J.C. Penny

Their new CEO as of 2011 (formerly the retail manager of Apple) decided to drastically change the way they priced their products. Guess we know why he's no longer with Apple.

2) Dish Network

These guys may be a cheaper alternative to cable but their customer service is just as cheap as their prices landing them at number two on the list.

3) T-Mobile

Out of the 'Big 4' U.S. wireless carriers, they are at the bottom partially because of customer service and partially because they don't offer the wildly popular iPhone as yet. They did have a cute commercial campaign though awhile back, but that didn't help them get cuter as a company

4) Facebook

This one should be a no-brainer for it's users (including myself) as they've lost or ticked off a good portion of us because of their continuing privacy missteps. We don't pay for this service but it's valuable and up until recently privacy was a single click, now it's a long drawn-out process to customize your privacy.

5) CitiBank

Their last two CEO's decided to lay off a bunch of people and company morale tanked, so this company suffers more internally than it does externally, but that strain will likely spill over to it's customers in ways too.

6) Research In Motion (Blackberry)

They used to be kings of the hill but are having difficulty keeping up with the Apple and Android juggernauts and have suffered some technical problems that have put them on this Top 10.

7) American Airlines

Any time a company goes bankrupt, that's a bad sign. Most of it's classes of employees and suppliers have major issues with their employer now that they're in trouble and so do most of us as passengers as well. Personally, you can throw most of the airline industry in here too.

8) Nokia

Most of remember Nokia in the cellphone market and their phones had that familiar ringtone. But they've all but disappeared from that market and have failed in the tablet market as well. Once again another casualty in part to the Apple monopoly.

9) Sears / Kmart

These guys have gone through 5 CEO's in the last 7 years and have been struggling to keep up with juggernauts Target and Wal-mart, but they're fast losing ground and may go the way of Woolworth's before long.

10) Hewlett-Packard

They have the wonderful distinction of being the second worst computer company for 2012. My printer is an HP and only eats my documents every once in a while, but this must not be the case with most. They tried to acquire a company that is now being investigated for fraud and have laid off 27,000 employees, more than double that of any company for 2012.



So there you have it, you may agree with this list or not and can likely think of other companies that should have made it to this Top 10. Feel free to add your additions and why below...

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