Except for 10 months in Salt Lake City, I've worked in Syracuse and Utica, and lived in New Hartford, Cazenovia, DeWitt, Jamseville, Fayetteville--30 years all over Central New York.

And now that I'm turning a new page and heading to my new morning radio job in Western Massachusetts--my stomping grounds for a good portion of my youth--my brain is flooding with memories of CNY. So, here's a list of the favorite things I'll miss.

  • Green Lakes State Park. the emerald green water is unforgettable.
  • Cazenovia Golf Club. The nine-hole course is a small gem withe some of the most unique and friendly characters you'll ever meet.
  • The Dome. I watched the Orange hoops team vs. Duke, the Rolling Stones and ZZ Top, and filmed a TV commercial with Jim Boeheim in the locker room.
  • Utica Roasting Company. The coolest coffee shop with greatest atmosphere.
  • The Great New York State Fair. Walkaway Sundaes, roasted corn and great concerts, like Journey and Jackson Browne at the Grandstand.
  • The New York State Thruway. From my pro soccer days in Rochester and Buffalo in the early-80s to my radio jobs in Albany, Rochester, Syracuse and Utica to regular trips to New York City, I've driven just about every inch.
  • Valley View. Beautiful panoramas of the Mohawk Valley and the foothills of the Adirondacks.
  • The Boilermaker. An annual party inside a world class road race.
  • Onondaga Lake. Sight of my marathon food drive living inside a trailer for a month when I first arrived in Syracuse.
  • Nola. The unique restaurant in Clinton where I met Beth for the first time and where we often returned for great meals and great times.

Since Beth will be staying in the Mohawk Valley for the time being, we'll be travelling back and forth between Massachusetts and New York, so I'll still be seeing you at many of these same great places.

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