If you didn't know, January 29th 2024 will be a record breaking day for Upstate New York. Here's why it's a day to celebrate.

Many people across the globe leverage the New Year as a motivational springboard for health and fitness resolutions. Just to start on this journey, many aim to return to their pre-holiday weight. Well, it looks like all that hard work and weight is about to drop.

FeastGood.com produced and published a survey of 3,000 people to delve into their post-festive weight loss goals. After crunching the data, Feast Good was able to pinpoint the specific dates by which people in each state are likely to revert to their pre-holiday weight.

To do this, they determined the average weight gain during the holidays, the typical number of calories burned in a workout session, and the regularity of exercise routines among participants.

It will take Upstate New Yorkers 29 days (on average) to hit their weight-loss goals. Meaning, January 29th is a day to celebrate:

Following them are dieters of the Empire State who will have to work out 3.7 times per week at the beginning of 2024 in order to burn 350 calories per session in the process. This means it will take the average New Yorker a full 29 days to hit their weight-loss goals - on January 29th to be precise."

Many people start with a burst of enthusiasm and set goals that are too ambitious to achieve in a healthy, sustainable way. For those that plowed ahead, January 29th will be a day of celebration.

As people embark on their weight loss journeys at the start of the year, it's crucial to approach their goals with realism and a structured plan. It's about balance—incorporating the right mix of exercise, nutrition, and rest, while steering clear of quick fixes. The key is to foster habits that will last well beyond the initial burst of New Year's motivation"

You can read some healthy tips and learn more online here.

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