For the last few weeks at the Lite Cafe, noon until one, I've been giving away free food from Subway.  I ask for five reason why you should win a Subway lunch for you and a friend.  The two responses I hear again and again are "it's healthy" and "I want to eat better."  It's been fifteen years since Jared Fogle began his famous Subway diet and both he and Subway are still going strong together.  Oh, and I'm still giving away Subway food this week too.

Photo by Lee Celano/Getty Images for Dove

Before beginning his Subway diet fifteen years ago, Jared Fogle weighed 425 pounds.  He tells USA Today his life was about planning ahead to avoid embarrassing situations.  Fogle ate 10,000 calories a day, drank fifteen cans of soda, and made frequent trips daily to McDonalds.  After falling asleep while driving and ending up in a ditch, he decided to do something about his weight in 1998.    He started eating Subway for lunch and dinner and lost 94 pounds in three months.  Within a year he'd lost almost two hundred pounds.  Whenever he travels, he brings his 58 inch waistline Levis with him to remind himself and everyone else how bad his life once was.  These days he eats at Subway three times a week and tells USA Today Subway saved his life.  What are his best diet tips?

1.  Keep an eye on portion sizes

2.  Drink lots of water. (he has six bottles every day)

3.  Don't let a bad day derail your diet plans.

4.  Ask for dressing and sauce on the side and use very small amounts

5.  Exercise every day.

6.  Eat plenty of veggies and fruit.

Pretty simple advice, right.  Join me this week from noon until one at the Lite Cafe for a chance to win lunch from Subway!  721-0987 to let me know the five reasons why you should win.

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images