According to TMZ, Jay Z recently made a bid to buy Prince's unreleased music.

After the music icon's death in April, all of the music that was discovered is potentially up for sale and Jay wants to acquire it. Jay reportedly flew Prince's sister Tyka and her husband Maurice Phillips to New York to meet with him. Sources close to Prince's family told TMZ that Jay made an offer of approximately $40 million, though that number has not been confirmed.

Although Tyka is Prince's only full sibling, she still has to get approval from Prince's half-siblings all the late musician's brothers and sisters, in addition to the trust that is managing the estate. In the meantime, Jay is reportedly still in the running to acquire the overall deal for streaming rights.

In other Prince news, the Paisely Park Museum is finally set to permanently open this coming Friday.  More Prince material will be available in the coming months as well. His greatest hits LP 4 Ever will drop next month, while his Purple Rain Deluxe Edition will come out next year.


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