Jessica Simpson is known for her many talents, one being her keen sense of fashion. Now that she’s a mommy-to-be, the singer has decided to expand her Jessica Simpson Collection to also offer maternity wear.

“I’m going to do maternity, [and] we want to do baby,” Simpson recently revealed to Fashionista [quotes via].

Simpson is looking to launch the maternity line by February of next year. In the meantime, fans and the fashion-savvy female can check out the latest collection designed by Simpson and her younger sister Ashlee, marketed toward young girls in the 1-7 age bracket.

“My mother thought it would be great to combine both [mine and Ashley's] styles [and] both of our personalities,” the pregnant singer told media last week at their launch party at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City.

The new line of clothing will include sportswear separates for tween girls that is said to combine Jessica’s playful and feminine style with Ashlee’s vintage-inspired edge.

In addition to the new kids line, the Jessica Simpson Collection also currently offers a wide selection of shoes, boots, handbags, dresses, tops, bottoms, jeans, coats, jewelry, fragrances and even luggage. Click here to shop the collection online.

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