Don't let anyone tell you differently: Singing alone in your bedroom or kitchen can very well make you into a star.

To promote "Flashlight," a track featured in Pitch Perfect 2Jessie J recently posted a video to the Sing! Karaoke app by Smule through which she encouraged fans to record a duet with her pre-recorded rendition and share their results through social media. And while many submissions were predictably lost to the dark corners of the internet, one 18-year-old from Leeds, England, made a case for himself as an up-and-coming pop star.

Tom Bleasby, who maintains he's never taken a single singing lesson, demanded web-attention from his performance's very first note (you can see the finished result in the video above). And if his wailing and crystal-clear falsetto leave you positively speechless, you're not the only one—Jessie, herself, is totally blown away, too.

"Have you seen this? It's amazing!" Jessie posted to Facebook after being treated to Tom's chops, and the "Flashlight" phenom claimed some other notable folks were noticing, too.

"Omg...i've had an email from one of Beyonce's producers and Perez Hilton says he loves the video. I'm in a daze," he tweeted. Even Ellen Degeneres has picked up on the power of Tom's voice.

No sense denying it anymore—the internet is, indeed, all-powerful. Check out Tom's online-gig for yourself, and tell us what you think!

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