"Bang Bang" singer Jessie J recently revealed that her ongoing health issues have been the driving force behind her music. While promoting her coaching gig on The Voice Australia—Jessie is replacing pop artist Kylie Minogue who previously held the position—the artist claimed during an interview with Sonia Kruger on Mornings that her sickness has made her who she is today.

Jessi was referring to, of course, the stroke she suffered ten years ago when she was a teenager. "It's affected me my whole life," she said. "I had a minor stroke when I was 17. The weirdest thing is that being that sick made me Jessie J."

Jessie has a condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which causes irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath, obviously a major hindrance for any vocal performer. But the singer shared during her interview that the illness actually inspired her to begin a career in music.

"I started writing the songs because I was sick," she revealed. "There are things that make you become you and make you feel confident enough to do it and that was my thing. I started writing songs because that was my get-out of feeling unwell and down, and I'm still the same person."

The artist, who recently underwent a mystery surgical operation and told fans afterwards that she was "not okay," makes sure to give herself the TLC she needs despite her hectic touring and performance schedule. "I just have to manage my life a certain way," she added. "I'm very proud of myself and I've done a lot more than I thought I could."

We're proud of you too, Jessie!

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