Joe Jonas, likely still REELING over his September 2015 breakup from beautiful person Gigi Hadid, has embarked on a valiant attempt to win her back by slowly morphing into Gigi's current flame, Zayn Malik.

The former Jonas Brother, current DNCE frontman and permanent amateur DJ is currently sporting a wide blond streak in his brunette hair -- a look Zayn first debuted back in 2012, and has intermittently brought back since (currently as updated blond highlights). While this may seem like nothing more than a misguided style choice on Joe's part, if you take a closer look at the above side-by-side comparison it becomes glaringly apparent — by the eager glint in Joe's eye — that this is all part of his master-plan to win back Gigi's affections, and restore what must have been an intense five-month relationship.

But for now, Gigi remains with Zayn. The “Pillowtalk” singer reluctantly confirmed their relationship during a recent radio interview with Zach Sang and the Gang.

Co-host Jillian Gutowitz coyly asked Malik, “Was it cool to have your girlfriend in your video?”

After a short (but weighted) pause, Zayn admitted, “Yeah, that was cool. That was something different. And yeah, we enjoyed it. It was fun; we had a lot of fun on set.”

Gutowitz egged him on further, saying, “No one easier to make out with than your own girlfriend, right?”

To which Zayn responded, “Exactly. I like what you’ve done there.” Clever!

Do you think Zayn should watch his back? Is Joe coming for him? Is Joe becoming him? Does it matter that Joe's hair was recently dyed blue, and the blond is likely a result of the color fading? Let us know in the comments below!

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