Elizabeth Banks got a big surprise at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards this weekend when she came up on stage to accept her win for Best On-Screen Transformation. Giving out the award were ‘Magic Mike’ stars Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and — now here’s that big surprise were talking about — a shirtless Joe Manganiello dressed up like a fireman.

The sexy ‘True Blood’ werewolf strutted his stuff in front of the crowd of screaming girls wielding a long pointy… axe. And Banks did what anyone of us would do in her position — milked the moment for all its worth, which included getting Manganiello to carry her off in his big, male stripper arms.

Check out all the best photos of Joe Manganiello shirtless at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards below.




And here are some more pictures of Joe Manganiello shirtless, just because.