Is it 1972 when variety shows were at an all time high? Well I guess John Mayer is doing a variety show according to CBS Entertainment President, Nina Tassler.

Mayer has been busy working on his new album, but CBS says he's still committed to doing a "music/variety sketch show" for the network and is coming up with ideas.

According to, Tassler adds:

"I was with him - there was a thing that he did… last week for just kind of trying out some new music. He’s very (into his) new album, (and his) new music, so once he has time - I mean this is like the busiest man in music, so once he has time, we’ll hopefully get back in."

We guess John is kinda funny and people like his music so maybe this variety show will be a hit…I’m on the bridge.

What’s your favorite John Mayer song?