Paramount Pictures has invested $15 million in the Jackass-spinoff, 'Bad Grandpa', featuring Johnny Knoxville as an old man that keeps getting into trouble through a series of odd situations. According to industry speculation, 'Bad Grandpa' could stumble away with about $29 or $30 million from the box office this weekend.

According to Entertainment Weekly, earlier this week at press day, Johnny Knoxville revealed that:

He and director Jeff Tremaine are working on 'Bad Grandpa 1.5' that would be released when the original film hits DVD and Blu-ray. It would act as an unofficial sequel to the upcoming comedy, which Knoxville said had a ton of great material that had to be cut for time.

Returning to the film will be Oscar-nominees Spike Jonze (who also produced the film) and Catherine Keener, both of whom had roles playing old ladies in 'Bad Grandpa' but both were cut for time. (If you look when 'Bad Grandpa' comes out, you can still see Keener as a corpse.)

'Bad Grandpa' has been in theaters since October 23rd, 2013 and additional showings are anticipated for this weekend. It could be the number one movie in the country.

Enjoy a couple of minutes of the 'Jackass' sketch that started it all. WARNING: Language

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