In today's StarCrush Police Beat (we're still playing with the name), seems two celebs got their drink on and wound up with a pretty new pair of stainless steel bracelets for their trouble.

Josh Brolin – who stars in the new movie ‘Gangster Squad’ – was recently arrested for public intoxication, and Thomas Gibson of ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Dharma & Greg’ fame was pinched for DUI early Sunday morning.

According to police, Brolin whiled away the last few minutes of 2012 in a drunken stupor and was found by officers weaving around on a Santa Monica sidewalk. He was arrested for misdemeanor public intoxication and spent the first six hours of this year in jail counting pink elephants and otherwise sobering up.

In fairness, it was New Year's Eve, so we can’t really fault Brolin for making nice with the hootch. At least he didn't wind up on YouTube, but we're guessing wife Diane Lane (and step-mother Barbra Streisand) gave him a lot of unpleasant glares over the family dinner table for a while.

Next on the docket is actor Thomas Gibson who, as reported by TMZ, was pulled over by police at about 1 a.m. on Monday for trying to drive through a part of downtown Los Angeles that was blocked off for a half-marathon. The race had already taken place, but the area was still cordoned off.

When police stopped Gibson to tell him he couldn’t motor on through, he disregarded their warning and kept driving (bad move, brah). They stopped him again and thought maybe he smelled like alcohol -- and after he refused the breathalyzer, he was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor DUI.

Dude. Only cheaters try to drive a marathon. Even if you’ve had a couple cocktails, it's only fair to run it like everyone else.

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