We broke the news earlier this morning that Journey, Foreigner and Night Ranger would be playing the Great New York State Fair on August 30.  I wanted to compile for you my pick for top song from each group.

First up Journey.  My selection is "Feeling That Way/Anytime."  The song came out on their Infinity album.  It was overshadowed by that album's monster hits "Lights" and "Wheel in the Sky," but it has so grown on me over the years that it's my pick for favorite Journey song.

Next, I'm showcasing "Headgames" from Foreigner.  The song was the title track for the groups 1979 album.  Here's a bootleg from a performance at the Big E in Springfield, Mass.

Finally, from Night Ranger is "Don't Tell Me You Love Me."  The song came off their 1982 debut album and was the first of their songs to chart.

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