It's that time again! Another "Would You Rather" question to get you thinking today. This time we're going to talk about money and charity.

Every Friday, JR and Naomi Lynn come up with another "Would You Rather" question to put you in a very ridiculous situation (that is highly unlikely to ever happen), and see which option you would rather take.

This week's question is a decently easy one. You don't have to pick from two negative outcomes and try to find the lesser of two evils. This time, each situation is beneficial, you just decide which one you like better.

Are you ready??

Alright, here we go.....

Would You Rather:
Win 100 million dollars in the lottery... But 75% of it HAS to be given to charity
- OR -
Win 50 million dollars (and you get to keep it all)... But you have to wait two years to get the money?

Which situation would you rather be in? Let us know by voting in the poll below:

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