"The Talk" co-host Julie Chen recently revealed that in the beginning of her career, she got plastic surgery to make her eyes look bigger. Julie Chen who is 43 admitted that she had plastic surgery years ago when she was first starting out in television because her boss said she looked "too Chinese." Would you like to see the before/after pictures?

According to E Online, Julie was working as a TV reporter in Dayton, Ohio when she asked her boss if she could fill in when the anchors went on vacation. The news director told Julie that it wasn’t going to happen because the city didn’t have a large enough Asian population and they wouldn’t relate to her. Wow, was she really told that? Also according to the report;

he also told her that because of her Asian eyes, when she was on camera interviewing someone, she looked disinterested and bored because her eyes were so small. Before and after photos showed Julie also had some other work done and the reaction online has been mixed. Some slammed her for selling out, while others said they felt badly for her for being discriminated against

For more on the story and to see the before/after pictures visit our friends at E Online.

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