Some disturbing trends in the COVID-19 pandemic emerged over the weekend that should have Central New York folks concerned, or at least paying close attention to loved ones and their activities--especially if they recently spent any time in Syracuse.

(1) New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo warned on Sunday that he expects to see a rise in coronavirus cases in the Empire State, concurrent with spikes elsewhere in the United States. The governor recently extended the number of states, whose residents will be expected to quarantine if they travel to New York in the near future.

(2) Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon Sunday encouraged anyone who was at "the cove" on Skaneateles Lake on July 4th to get tested. Two people that were at the popular summer gathering spot during Independence Day partying have the virus.

There had been unruly activity at the cove during a July 4th party in 2019 (near the country club at 3344 West Lake Road) and police were called to the scene.

According to, a popular swimming area in Skaneateles Lake has been closed due to concerns of the virus spreading, as the result of McMahon's disclosures on Sunday afternoon.

In related news, reports that two patrons of Tommy's Park bar on Butternut Street in Syracuse also tested positive for the virus after visiting the bar this past Friday night, July 10th.

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