A couple in Key West, Florida was busted this past week for a public love-making session...right in front of a Key West police precinct. When confronted by an officer asking what the heck they were doing, the guy said, "What can I say? It was just another Key West moment."

This got us to thinking: What would the Mohawk Valley versions of this activity be? I mean, let's face it, there are some geographic spots in and around Central New York that are conducive to (and even infamous for) these types of events.

Just another Valley View moment? The romantic spot at the top of the Valley View golf course overlooks Roscoe Conkling Park and the city of Utica.

Just another Sylvan Beach moment? The town on the easter tip of Oneida Lake is famous for its bars and beach parties.

Just another Brewerton moment? The boating community at the western end of Oneida Lake is synonymous with fun.

Just another Old Forge moment? The parking lot of Enchanted Forest Water Safari Park was the site of a randy encounter in the flatbed of a pickup truck.

Just another Thornden Park moment? The beautiful gardens at the top of the hill on the campus of Syracuse University has been a hot pick-up spot for years.

What locations are we missing?

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