A kangaroo was spotted on a Finger Lakes roadway on Monday, and he wasn't on a winery hopping excursion.

The Ithaca Voice reported that the marsupial, most likely an escapee from the Trumansburg Fair, caused a minor traffic situation on Route 96. One witness, Darlynne Overbaugh, told the Voice that she honked her horn and it stopped in the middle of the roadway.

Overbaugh also told the Voice she saw a man that she assumed was its handler approach the animal and try to catch it. Of course that was no easy task.

Basically, the guy had to wrestle to get it ...I mean those legs are really strong," (Darlynne Overbaugh in the Ithaca Voice)

After several minutes and a couple additional people helping, the situation was eventually brought under control. There was no word on exactly how they got the kangaroo back to the fairgrounds.

Between the solar eclipse, crazy weather and exotic animal sightings across New York State, it sure has been one strange summer. What's next? Squirrels protesting in the streets?


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