Another magazine cover and another hair color for Katy Perry. The style chameleon appears on the cover of French fashion rag L’Officiel Levant with thick, frizzy, red hair. Katy’s a ginger kid! It’s a muted and understated look for Perry, which is not something we’re used to seeing from her.

Is it us or does it look like she’s ripping a page out of Florence + the Machine’s book, trading her typical sugary look for something more elder stateswoman? Well, at least for this cover she is.

The ‘Wide Awake’ singer’s makeup is soft and peachy, as is her outfit. She’s also swapped her megawatt grin for a sexy, distant gaze.

Don’t know what L’Officiel Levant is? Well, it’s a long-running French fashion mag, published in Paris since 1921. So it’s got some serious history in one of the world’s fashion capitals. It targets upper-income, educated women between the ages of 25 and 49, and while that’s not exactly Perry’s fan demo, the singer is known for her fashion choices and has become a bit of an icon in that scene.

So what we’re saying is that she’s a terrific cover girl.

Perry’s most recent cover was the September issue of the American version of ELLE. Of course she had a totally different hair color. Come on, you wouldn’t expect the woman who reportedly turned down $20 million to board ‘American Idol‘ as a judge to stick to a monochromatic color theme when it comes to her hair and mag covers, would ya?

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