When the President of the United States tweets a note of thanks over your RT of one of his policies and platforms, you know you've made it. Katy Perry retweeted Barack Obama's tweet about Obamacare, encouraging her followers to explore the option, earning a nod and more from the leader of the free world.

Obama tweeted a reference to her Perry's single 'ROAR' in his note of thanks, to which the singer aka the roaring champion, saying she was happy to do her part in spreading the word. The singer is using her fame for good, and Obama indirectly promoted her new single. It's all cyclical on Twitter.

See the 140 character love below.

We love it when the prez and a pop star engage in conversation in the Twitterverse. Here's a case where social media unites, as opposed to divides. It's also nice to see some discourse on social media that isn't, well, a diss.

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